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Most people — understandably — do not like thinking about the end of their lives. Unfortunately, that means putting off difficult decisions about what will happen to your estate.

At the Lampert Law Office, LLC in Springfield, however, you will have someone by your side who will guide you through the entire estate planning process, including preparing a last will and testament.

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Why Do I Need A Will?

It is a common misconception among many people that if they are still young or do not have many assets that a will is not necessary. On the contrary: everyone needs a will, and making these decisions yourself instead of leaving them in the hands of a probate judge will benefit everyone in the long run. A will can help you answer important questions about your estate and family, and address issues such as:

  • Who will take care of your kids if you and your spouse cannot?

  • What will happen to your home or other valuable assets?

  • Do you wish to leave a certain portion of your estate to a charity?

  • Limiting the likelihood of prolonged litigation in probate court among your beneficiaries.

As a client of the Lampert Law Office, LLC, you will work with an experienced lawyer who understands estate planning issues and how to use a will to address any potential problems before they develop. You can have peace of mind knowing that you have a strong blueprint in place.

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Ensuring that your plan is properly drafted and that you have worked through all the major sticking points with an attorney’s advice is an important step to take when writing your will. To learn more about wills and how the Lampert Law Office, LLC can help, contact the firm for a free consultation by calling.