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Wage & Hour Violations Attorney in Springfield, Missouri

Wage And Hour Violations Take Money Out Of Your Pocket

If your employer is not paying you for the time you worked, you may have a right to file a wage and hour claim with the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. It can be difficult to complete the process for reporting matters, including unpaid overtime on your own. Getting the proper documentation to prove you deserve the missing wages is necessary when disputing wages, but can be tough. Many workers feel intimidated to follow up on their own for fear of losing their job or being treated badly at work after doing so.

You deserve to be paid for the time you put in on the job. It is the law. At the Lampert Law Office, LLC, attorney Ray Lampert provides experienced representation for employees who may have a wage and hour claim. He is one of the few employment law attorneys in the Springfield area whose focus is solely on the employee’s legal needs.

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Your Employer May Not Have To Pay You The Minimum Wage

In Missouri, if you are working at a retail or service job and your employer’s annual gross income is less than $500,000, your employer may be exempt from having to pay you at least the minimum wage per hour. But if you are working in a restaurant as a tipped employee, your employer is required to pay you at least half the minimum wage, plus tips to bring your income to the minimum wage level.

No matter your wages, you have a right to overtime pay for all the hours you work exceeding 40 hours per week at 1 1/2 times your rate of pay. If you are not paid your correct wages or for your overtime hours correctly, you have a right to pursue those wages. Your employer will have to pay the wages you are owed, plus twice that amount that was unpaid as liquidated damages to you.

Call An Experienced Wage Claim Attorney For Help Getting Your Unpaid Wages

Get the legal help you need to file your wage claim. Attorney Lampert can provide the guidance you need for determining if you have a claim to pursue and if you do, he will be with you every step of the process. Reach out online or call Lampert Law Office, LLC in Springfield to get started.