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Trusts Attorney in Springfield, Missouri

Understanding Trusts

For some people who have a lot of assets or want to keep their estate from going through probate, a trust may be the right estate planning tool for them.

At the Lampert Law Office, LLC in Springfield you can work directly with an estate planning lawyer to determine if a trust and what kind of trust works best for you and your wishes. The firm can also help you determine who is best to serve in the role of trustee, the person who will be in charge of administering the trust and distributing its assets.

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Helping You Create A Plan That Meets Your Needs

When you create a trust, you can place any of your assets in it. Certain types of trusts allow you to maintain control of the assets while you are still alive. Similar to a will, it can spell out which beneficiaries you want to receive which assets. Unlike a last will and testament, however, a trust may allow you to:

  • Reduce the estate or gift tax burden on your heirs

  • Place conditions on your beneficiaries receiving assets, such as hitting a certain age or graduating from college

  • Avoid probate court if your family does not want the publicity

Trusts are complex instruments, which is why you should not create one without receiving informed legal advice first. A sole practitioner, you will work one-on-one with attorney Raymond Lampert to decide how to best administer your estate. He can help you craft a plan that will limit future disputes and honor your wishes.

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