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Modifying an Estate Plan in Springfield, Missouri

You Can Modify Your Estate Plan
At Any Time

You may make modifications to your will, trust, financial power of attorney, living will or health care power of attorney at any time you wish, as long as you are mentally competent to do so. It is a good idea to review your estate planning documents following significant life changes such as selling your business, purchasing a new home or receiving a substantial inheritance. It is also highly recommended following your grown children moving on to their own homes, after your divorce or death of an immediate family member.

Attorney Raymond Lampert has been providing dedicated estate planning services for individuals and families throughout Springfield and the surrounding area for more than a decade. He can help you keep your estate planning documents up to date. Give his firm a call to discuss your legal options for modifying your estate planning documents.

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An Estate Planning Attorney Can Protect Your Legacy And Decision-Making Power

At the Lampert Law Office, LLC, attorney Lampert understands how difficult it is to get motivated after difficult life changes. Especially if you have been diagnosed with an illness that could be life-threatening. But this is the very event that makes updating and modifying your estate plan essential.

If you lose the mental capacity to update your estate planning documents, your wishes may not be followed according to your new circumstances. Unintended consequences and family disputes could result. For example, after your divorce, if your former spouse is still listed as your agent or co-trustee, your former spouse may benefit from your estate or could have control over your finances or health care decisions that you no longer wish to allow. Modifying your current estate plan will help you avoid this outcome.

Providing Concise Information So You Can Make Informed Decisions

You can protect your wishes for your health care and for distributing your wealth by reviewing your estate planning documents from time to time to ensure they reflect current laws and your current circumstances. Get the information you need by speaking with attorney Lampert to learn more. Email the firm or call Lampert Law Office, LLC in Springfield for personalized estate planning help.