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Prevailing Wage Claims Attorney in Springfield, Missouri

Prevailing Wage Claims

Companies that contract with the government on public works projects are required to pay their employees what is called the prevailing wage. The prevailing wage is more than the minimum wage and varies depending on the type of work involved and where the work takes place. When contractors, subcontractors or other companies engaged in public works projects fail to pay the prevailing wage, they must be held accountable.

The Lampert Law Office, LLC represents employees in Springfield and southwest Missouri in all types of employment matters, including prevailing wage claims. Attorney Ray Lampert is one of the only lawyers in the area who files employment cases against employers. His knowledge in this field has helped many employees recover full and fair compensation against employers who have violated the law.

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Under Missouri law, employers who violate the prevailing wage law are liable for double the difference in what you should have been paid and what you were actually paid, as well as attorney’s fees.

In many prevailing wage claims, numerous employees fail to receive appropriate wages. Therefore, if you have reason to believe that you are not being paid the correct amounts, you may not be alone. The Lampert Law Office, LLC has the experience and skill to address all kinds of employment issues, including prevailing wage claims, and can assist with wage disputes. Attorney Raymond Lampert will make a comprehensive investigation to determine exactly what happened, and then present a strong case for your damages.

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If you have reason to believe that your employer is not paying you the prevailing wage, contact the Lampert Law Office, LLC to schedule your free initial consultation. Call or complete our contact form to begin.